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The progressive comic about President Obama's call for tighter gun control
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Background Checkmate

Let me make this as clear as I can to those of you who think having a murder machine around the house is a pretty sweet idea...

The President's proposed executive action on gun control
will have this much effect on the average, law-abiding person:





Not a goddamn thing.

"What?" I hear you cry? What if you want to buy a machine gun?

<lewis black>

First, you don't need a fucking machine gun! No one outside of a war zone needs a fucking machine gun! Enough with the fucking machine guns already!

</lewis black>

Second, no single law-abiding American can purchase one. You have to form a sort of trust to buy a machine gun which means no one person can own it. And that's a loophole the President is hoping to close, and more power to him.

So if want to buy a household full of murder machines, the kind you're more likely to use on a family member than a criminal, go right ahead. Nothing currently can stop you, although the prez's new laws will help stop the crazies and the known criminals from buying them, and isn't that the kind of law that's worth supporting?


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

TV: ...and that's why I'll do everything I can to expand background checks for gun purchases.
Girl: What happens now, Mommy?
Mother: It means the NRA will now do everything it can to keep guns in the hands of murderers, thieves and lunatics.

If you think about it, ownership of guns among the criminal class is a right-to-work issue. Small wonder conservatives want to spread the high-caliber love around.