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The progressive web comic about brain trauma in professional football.
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Major League Headache

Hey, look! A comic! Now where'd THAT come from?

I gotta tell ya...  the ghastly visage of Sarah Palin endorsing Donald Trump crawled around inside my head all day like that worm they dropped in Chekhov's ear in "The Wrath of Khan". I vacillated for hours over whether to crank out an easy 'toon comparing this sad spectacle to coprophagia, I.E., the ingestion of one's own poop (A metaphor you'll no doubt agree holds much promise) but having already made a Trump poop-joke last week I thought I'd give it a rest.

Still, a bit of brain-lock had taken desperate hold but I finally managed to shake it off, settle down, and create something that'll insult fully half of all grown male American adults. And to all you real "football" fans outside the U.S. border, your time will come. Heh-heh-heh.


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Football players: We who are about to suffer substantial brain trauma salute you.
Viewer: And we who have twenty bucks ridin' on your sorry ass could give a shit.