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The progressive comic about Kim Davis and the illogic of personal beliefs.
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Personal Beliefs

This is actually the comic I wanted to draw for this past Monday's Rage page but I just couldn't find a suitable angle that particular night, thus the cheap shot at Trump.

For the record, my personal belief is that..... well, actually, you probably don't want to know... though it involves potato peelers, Dick Cheney's temporal lobes, and brandy snifters full of bullet ants.


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Mountain climber. My personal belief is that no horizon is too distant.
Accordion player. My personal belief is that there can never be enough music.
Marathon runner. My personal belief is that I must push my limits.
Researcher. My personal belief is that cures must be found.
Kid in wheelchair. My personal belief is that I am not handicapped.
Kim Davis. My personal belief is that God told me to be a homophobe.