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The progressive comic about the real reason we have 17 Republican candidates for president.
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Taxing Polls!

People keep saying we need to get rid of all the dark money in political campaigns. That's true, but I think it's time we also think about getting rid of polling. It's no longer a dependable source of information when you consider all media is owned by seven (or fewer) men, and none of them are particularly progressive. (See today's Classic Crappola comic) In fact, I'll hazard the supposition that no one would currently give a rat's patoot about Trump, that braying jackass, if the network news wasn't constantly trumpeting the results of polls that are as questionable as the news itself. Never forget that several polls showed Romney winning the White House in run-up to the 2012 election.

As memory serves, Mittens lost by, oh, I dunno, a lot.

Think how much fun it'd be to watch candidates flail, being totally uncertain if their daily message was hitting the perfect demographic sweet spot. Think how quiet it would be around the dinner table come election time when the phones weren't ringing every fifteen minutes. Think about all the money you'd take out of unscrupulous pollster's pockets when they no longer have a 350 million strong fishpond to seine for free information.

Polls are not much better than gambling as they are just as easily rigged. And as we all know, the house always wins.

However, we do need one type of polling.... exit polling, as it provides an unassailably accurate picture of who the proles prefer... unless you're living in a Republican-owned state then all bets are off. But even this could be eliminated if we all switched to mail-in ballots.

Works for Oregon, Colorado, and Washington.


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Lefty: Why do so many Republican candidates think they can win the presidency in 2016?
GOP elephant: Well, when you've gerrymandered the districts and rigged the voting booths as much as we have...
I mean, when the gays marry the Muslim immigrants and Planned Parenthood starts taking away all of our guns.....