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The progressive comic about fetal research.
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Oh, Poo!

My comic production schedule has been a bit, um, irregular lately owing to a seemingly endless stream of external distractions that have defied the creative process. Today's bonus involved a missing, and greatly beloved, kitty. I'm still on the hunt for his little fuzzy butt but at least the 'toon wasn't too sub-optimal.


As for the recent Planned Parenthood hullabaloo, it has gotten to the point where almost nothing the GOP says is worthy of an evolved person's attention. Their entire focus is fixedly on the troops of racist baboons they consider their constituency, and Conservative leaders will now demagogue any bad idea they know will get these entitled simians to start flinging poo everywhere. As you know, much poo has been flung.

So while the Republicant Party is foisting the idea that Planned Parenthood is scooping out little babies with rusty Flowbies and then hawking loose globs of organs to hoboes here's a simple chart illustrating their actual services. A larger version is available with but a click of your mouse.


planned parenthood services

end rant

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Pregnant woman and GOP elephant

Fetus: I've had months to study this controversy and the data clearly suggests that not only has Planned Parenthood provided an overwhelming benefit for American women but that the gop is just a bunch of old poopyheads.
Caption: fetal research