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Dancing in the Dark

Today's comic is a B&W temp (since replaced with color). I'll have the color version later today as time is short due to the search for my lost cat, unfortunately not a very bright one, for the better part of the weekend

According to what I've pieced together he was chased out of my yard and down the street by a large dog shortly before sunrise last Friday morning and wasn't able to find his way back home. However, subsequent neighborhood sleuthing has revealed that he has apparently set up camp in an alleyway about four blocks from my house.

(Yes, we've all heard story after story of lost cats crossing mighty rivers and vast continents to find their owners but mine can't find the end zone from 300 yards away. He's a cute little guy, just not the sharpest claw on the paw.)

At least I think it's him. It's a pure black cat, like mine, and a local says he only showed up recently, so that augurs well. However, he only comes out at night and is easily spooked so I haven't gotten a really good look at him but it appears to be the right shape and size. I've set out my humane trap in the alley for the past three nights but whatever's been eating the food, and closing the trap, has been able to somehow escape. Puzzlement abounds.

Tonight I sat and waited in the darkness of the alley for several hours, hoping he'd make an appearance, and was eventually rewarded with the sight of a black smudge not far from my perch disappearing into a particular backyard, one I know that is dog-free, a rarity in my 'hood. In the morning I start knocking on doors. More as it happens.


Technical Update: With the switch to the new domain all the comments before June 27th have been lost due to the way the data was designed to be accessed. However, thanks to our own uber-commenter, Dr. Mike, an answer seems to be finally in hand. It needs a little testing first but all of your thoughtful comments should be back online soon.


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Marty? God. Yeah, listen, what am I supposed to do with all this y chromosome? What's that? Aggression? War? Sex? Football? Hmm, come to think of it, parthenogenesis can go screw itself.