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The progressive comic about filming the police.
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Pictures, or it didn't happen.

I have a suggestion for this country's police departments when the day come that their constables are literally filmed every second they're on the job by well-meaning citizens tired of seeing their brethren beaten and shot for sport...

Hire vampires.

Think about it. They don't show up on film, they don't need health benefits and, when blood is inevitably spilled, they always clean up after themselves. Or, as they call it, "snack time". Plus, they're always happy to volunteer for the night shift. The only downside is that all the best vampires are from Europe and work visas these days are hard to acquire for foreigner's without Java or C++ skills on the resume. But since the alternative is the lame, home-grown, "sparkly" vampires that have become so popular lately I'm sure they'll find someone to bribe.


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What the Department of Justice said:
Every American has the legal right to photograph officers of the law when they're on duty.
What the police heard:
If there are no cameras, go nuts.