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Feel the Bern!

Senator Bernie Sanders came to Dallas on Sunday to rally the progressive troops. I joined 8000 other liberal lovers of liberty in a ballroom downtown to watch the show but I was so far back that I only glimpsed him once or twice, though friends of mine arrived early enough to snag seats down front and even garnered a handshake with the Senator after the speech. I guess that makes me special.

I liked everything about the content of Bernie's speech but he certainly needs to learn a thing or two about call-and-response as, on occasion, the crowd often didn't know whether to applaud or boo. As when he'd say, and I'm paraphrasing for effect, "How about that child poverty?".

I'd vote for the Senator in a minute but I honestly think his role is the Reverse-Trump. Whereas the Donald's job is to make the Republican candidates seem moderate (which they ain't) Bernie's job is to make Hillary seem even more like Wall Street 's lap dog (which she already is, and which explains why she'll be the first woman president.)



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The progressive comic about conservative fear-mongering.