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Bad Dog!

The construction of Raging Pencils continues to drag on towards infinity. Rebadging all the 'toons and making minor graphic edits is taking FOREVER! I'd hoped to have the site live today (Wednesday) but I have at least two major chunks to go so Friday looks more likely.

Historical note: Today's 'toon is actually an old one I created years ago but set aside when something more critical made the headlines. I then forgot all about it until yesterday when I stumbled across it during the rebadging process. It's not exactly genius stuff but I'm frantically short of time so, you know, deal with it.

For what it's worth, I actually discovered TWO old , unused 'toons. The other is a bit butterfacey, if you get my drift, but don't think I won't unleash it on you should the construction of RP drag on interminably.


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