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The progressive cartoon about the Saint Peter and the Charleston nine.
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Unjust Rewards

Here's a little secret: No matter how much of a bad-ass racist you are it's a whole lot harder to kill a group of black people if all you have is a sharp, pointed stick. The same goes for snuffing a classroom full of 6-year-olds or assaulting a movie theater full of Batman fans.

That's why all this talk about getting rid of the Confederate flag makes me want to chew my own foot off in disgust, because the flag wasn't the reason those people were killed. They were killed because stupid people can own guns. We can apply all the tests for mental competency we want, but guess what? Even intelligent gun-owners can go full-blown stupid at any time. Jealousy, drugs, greed -- take your pick of trigger mechanisms. The result will be the same.

Right now conservatives are saying to us "Look at the pretty flag. Watch the flag go bye-bye. Bye-bye, flag. Gun? What gun? Oh, that was a long time ago."

But the flag, and all that it represents, will still be here. Even if all the major chain stores quit selling them there will always be someone, somewhere cranking them out, willing to make a butt-load of money catering to hate and bigotry.

So what do we do next time? What will we blame? The same flag? Really?

Stupid. Really stupid.


Last chance for the classiest bumper sticker made by man.

do not resuscitate


end rant

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Charleston nine in Heaven
Saint Peter: Don't worry, your lives weren't totally in vain. I hear they're getting rid of some pieces of cloth... from a few buildings.