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First, Do No Harm

As you may or may not have noticed I haven't been wasting ink and/or pixels on the eventual disposition of Obamacare because nothing we, the people, happen to say or do about it would have made any difference. Today's decision all boiled down to dollars and cents, not towards any improvement of the general health.

But, as you might guess, I'm delighted our suddenly liberal SCOTUS gave a big 6-3 "Fuck You!" to the GOP. In the words of Facebook amigo Larry "Electric Mayhem" Janus:

"Pretty awesome reading the words of the defeated, vanquished, beaten, crushed, hammered, pwned, Republicans as they realize that their mission to keep Americans from seeing a doctor is finally at an end. Their seething hatred of a law they invented was ultimately powerless to halt this simple basic right to affordable health insurance. But man did they try. They spit in the face of congressmen, invented fake Fox News lies about "Death Panels" and "Death Spirals", but all their cold-hearted lies and bullshitfailed. God Bless America."

The best part is that conservatives tried to demonize the ACA in the public forum by renaming it "Obamacare". Well, now they have to hear that name the rest of their miserable little lives.

Onward to single-payer.


Hey! I have a new comic over at the Friendly Atheist. Below is the set-up of the gag, the most I can legally show on this site, so do your curiosity a favor and click here to see the whole shebang.

God, the rule-maker


end rant

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