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The progressive cartoon about Jeb versus the Jew.
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Go Bernie!

I really like Bernie Sanders as a human and as a presidential candidate. He was one of the few legislators who voted against both the invasion of Iraq and the bail-out of Wall Street. I can't figure why he waited so long to run since he seems to have a lot of common-sense ideas. As a Jew president he going to catch holy Hell from the white male protestants which infest the conservative side of the brain damage but probably not nearly as much as a president with a little extra melanin in his skin cells might. I'm just guessing, of course.

However, being the world's Chief Executive is a damned difficult job and, at 73, Bernie's no spring chicken. Reagan was senile and 70 when he was sworn in but he was a puppet from Day One so, you know, apples/oranges.

It's early yet but Bernie is drawing impressively-large crowds to his town meethings, every bit the equal of Hillary, and he didn't even have to pay them to be there.


So, you liked the bumper sticker. Should I make a "Jew 2016" t-shirt available, too?

do not resuscitate


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