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Gun victims.

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The progressive cartoon about how gun ownership is really heart disease.
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Heartless Disease

You'd have thought after a man walked into a movie theatre and shot 82 people, killing 12, that we'd have a serious discussion about gun control. But, no.

You'd have thought that after 20 helpless children and six brave, underpaid teachers were slaughtered in a school that we'd take decisive action to prevent further assaults. But No.

Now, nine very nice people people are shot dead during a prayer meeting in a church and the cry from the right-wing is only "More guns is the answer."

If the law required us all to wear guns I would never set foot in a movie house again. Three-hundred people packing heat is not three hundred times the solution, it's three hundreds times the problem. The odds are above average that one of your fellow popcorn munchers is going to have a bad day, and guess who's going to be in the line of fire?

Individuals intent on killing you won't give you warning, either. They will shoot and kill you before you can draw your weapon. And if someone is intent on killing everyone in a theatre, and knows they all have guns, they'll just use a bomb. And if someday all film fans wear armored suits to protect themselves then they'll certainly be gassed to death, or irradiated. Or worse. (Which, presumably, means to be shown an M. Night Shyamalan movie.)

People who hold a machine in their hands capable of killing people all think that they're potential Rambos or Dirty Harrys. They picture themselves as heroes rushing in to save the day. But there were no heroes in Aurora, or Sandy Hook, or Charleston because they were all safe in their basements cleaning their gun with their tiny dicks, lubricated with the saliva that dribbled out of their mouths watching a pirated copy of Sniper or some other government-approved copy of hegemonic porn.

People often ask the question "How could the Nazis have killed so many Jews, gypsies, and Poles?" The answer is simple: Just put a gun in someone's hand and give them a legal right to kill, and they'll kill. We have "Stand your ground" in America now and blacks are the new Jews.

There is, apparently, no level of atrocity so extreme that will convince a gun-owner that the Second Amendment needs to be reconsidered. Even slightly. This is no longer a matter of public policy, this a problem with mental health because anyone who thinks that arming the populace makes us safer is, simply put, insane.


Hey! I've created another snarkily-epic cartoon for the lovely lads and lasses at friendlyatheist.com. It's called:


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