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The progressive cartoon about a new name for the Repubican Party.
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Friday's Raging Pencils 'toon is very late because the idea is just too good. In my opinion, anyway. The basic gag conjured up so many delightful derivations I had diffculty deciding in which direction to go. But I finally nailed it down and I'm proceeding with final art. See you later this afternoon.



A Turd By Another Other Name!

For those that might nit-pick the "No Gurlz!" panel keep in mind that after the 2014 mid-terms the GOP awarded all 20 House committee chairs to men. Yes, a woman, Candice Miller, got one chair, but she's basically the secretary. Being bypassed for a more effective chairmanship by seven new congressmen in 2014 may or may not be the reason she announced her retirement in March, but I'm guessing it was.


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Since the Republican Party long ago ceased serving the republic in favor of the oligarchy Maybe it's time they changed their name.
block party: block Obama, Hillary, the 99 percent
costume party: I think i make a great job creator. I is a fiscal conservative.
Farewell Party: So long unions, buh-bye Social Security. aloha middle class!
Rent Party; I'm available by the hour or the administration.
Bachelor party (No gurlz)