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The progressive cartoon about that idiot, Texas Governor Greg Abbott.
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Practice Makes Prefect

Conservatives think it's acceptable to invade other countries to kill people who pose us no threat but they don't approve of the government practicing their killing techniques in areas of our own country where the right wing fancifually imagine terrorists are practicing ways to kill Americans.

Yeah, makes perfect sense.


Here's why I think the Republican Presidential Clown Car is going to sport a record number of candidates for president in 2015 (Ben Carson? Carly Fiorina?) and it's not just because the Koch brothers will fund any twit with a heartbeat willing to trade his soul for fat millions in coal industry campaign bucks.

Simply put, for the next 18 months the corporate-owned media will be focusing an intensively critical light on Hillary Clinton (Like, for example, the way the Clinton Foundation shared weekly brunches of barbecued kittens with Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.) Yes, Bernie is going to be out there lobbing his lovely liberal grenades but it's Hillary's race to win or lose.

Meanwhile, the Republicans will have 3,137 candidates, conservatively speaking, stumping for president. This will dilute the available column inches devoted to each candidate until, just four months before election Day, a savior will emerge at the RNC. Flaws and all. Lots and lots of flaws.

So eighteen months versus four months. You don't have to be a math wiz to figure this one out.


end rant

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Two soldiers in tank labeled Texas Sheriff Department.
Solder One : Governor Abbot thinks that the feds are coming here to impose martial law. Is that stupid or what?
Soldier Two: I know. That's our job!