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tantrumThe genesis of today's "cartoon" (A better description of which might be "Lefty's Slothscapades") was a phrase which occasionally wanders across good, progressive paths like a black cat shitting shards of broken mirror while walking under a radioactive ladder:

"I want my country back!"

You and I all know what that phrase actually infers. When boiled down to its putrid, calcified chunks it means "Where'd all these dang old brown people come from? I mean, especially since 2009. Amma right? Where's mah damn gun?"

Y'see, America was originally a fortress of pious, industrious, Anglo-Saxons, all sharing the same alabaster pigmentation of the greatest American of them all... Jesus Christ. Every man had a good union job, a wife, 2.5 kids, a three-bedroom castle and a church just down the street. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, people with suspiciously dark skin found there way into the public forum. City fathers stroked their beards and placed the blame firmly where it belonged --- 
Social Security, Medicare, and ACORN.

The phrase in question is, of course, pure nonsense, no more than a meme promoted by astroturf-y groups funded by treasonous goons like the Koch brothers, doing their malicious best to provoke the conservative base. The phrase honestly has about as much relevance to this country's problems as "Better dead than Red."

It's lamentable, then, when some middle-class drone, with an underwater mortgage and a purloined pension, starts using the phrase as a vehicle for change when all it really does is exacerbate the problem of unquenchable greed by the ultra-wealthy.


end rant

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