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The progressive cartoon about predator drones and wedding parties.
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drone strikeSince 2001 the US has bombed at least nine wedding parties in the mid-east. It happens so regularly that it almost seems to be a scheduled event, a mild diversion to keep our boys alert in case real hostilities ever break out.

Most of these attacks involved old-fashioned bomb-runs delivered via B-52s or B-2s, the worst of which killed 47 people, primarily women and children. The most recent attack, last December in Yemen, employed a missile-equipped drone, killing twelve men and wounded fifteen as they traveled to the groom's village.

We here in Fortress America tend to blithely ignore this tragic loss of life as they're no one we know. Not our kind, you understand. They're just numbers, not living, breathing humans who'd probably enjoy a coke and a hot dog the same as us.

If Mexico mistakenly nuked a US family reunion in Alamagordo the vast majority of Americans would be out for blood. If it happened nine times Mexico would now be a hard, glazed spot in the desert.

It's all about who you know, I suppose.

Currently these mistakes can all be blamed on operator error but I've never heard of anyone being demoted or courts-martialed as a result. But that's not surprising as this here's 'Murca, where the armed authority figure is always right.


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