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Test-Driving the Clown Car

ass clownTed Cruz.


I wouldn't waste ink on someone as loathsome as Ted Cruz but I'll hazard a few keystrokes about why he has as much chance of winning the Presidency as I do. In my humble opinion he's announced his candidacy for the following three reasons:

(1) He's spent the past three years blocking economic progress and thinks that he deserves to take such legislative prowess to a higher level.

(2) Strategically, his purpose will be to pitch such a lunatic, right-wingnut, climate-change-denying message that it will make Jeb "Fuck Terri Schiavo" Bush look absolutely moderate.

(3) His ultimate goal is to fleece the gullible out of their hard-earned dough, and thereby line his pockets, by way of campaign donations. He filed his paperwork for a PAC last November and you can pretty much do anything you want with leftover PAC funds.

(Sarah Palin has a PAC that's raised $2.7 million dollars, of which only 5% has been used to promote candidates. The rest is used for who-knows-what but it's probably for the entitled benefit of you-know-who.)

Cruz is, in essence, the new Rick Perry, who was hailed with rapturous acclaim by the conservative media when he announced his intention to run for the White House in 2012, only to have the bandwagon hastily garaged after one measly "Oops."



For people hep to the jive here's the relevant Reddit comment link.



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