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Frontal Assault

wtf babyDarling?

Yes, dear?

Do you remember the, uh, covert border incursion you conducted last December along my southernmost sovereign territory?

I recall it more as a coalition of the willing, but do go on.

Well, the inspector general's report just came back and...

You don't mean?

Yes, we're going to have a little rogue state.

What? But I thought I pulled out in time!

I thought so, too, but you evidently left behind a few seeds of democracy.

How could you let this happen? I promised myself I'd never be a nation builder.

Yes, and I kept telling you that if break it, you bought it. Well, it yours now.

Isn't there something else we can do? What if I call in a surgical strike?

Sorry, but I am firmly against guerilla operations.

I'm serious. Don't make me resort to naked aggression.

Lay a hand on me and I'll instigate a police action.

I'm sorry. I'm just scared by all the known knowns and the unknown knowns.

I know. I know. I'm not looking forward to all this internal upheaval or mass detention, either.

Well, I'm willing to accept a cease-fire if you are.

That would be best. If it helps, I've already thought of a name for our little coup.

Really? What?



god's dawgMy latest 'toon created especially for the fine folks at friendlyatheist.com has been posted. By agreement it can only be viewed at their site so click here or the tiny teaser to your left
for the whole, blasphemous thing. And remember, every view is a vote for Raging Pencils.


end rant

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