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easy bake ovenEvery now and then some ancient codger makes the news just because the Actuarial Fairies lost their address somewhere along the way. Becoming the oldest person on Earth, a one-in-a-seven billion chance, is only an accomplishment in the same way as is getting struck by lightning while being eaten by a shark... in your bath tub. Celebrate THAT.

Through lack of inspiration or, more likely, at the behest of a features editor who's just punching the clock while waiting for his pension to mature, inevitably the reporter asks the same dumb questions about the fortunate fossil's rules for life, as though a Dr. Pepper for lunch, a cigar every New Year's Day, and "the blessin's of the Lawd" is the secret of buttressing a notoriously treacherous cardiovascular system.

And yet, I'm in decent shape and there's little evidence of fatal hereditary diseases on the male side of my family, apart from occasional lead poisoning, so it's not outside the realm of possibility that I could become the oldest living human on Earth someday. Except for one minor detail...

The human race is totally fucked as a species.

The ice cap of this planet, which reflects up to 80% of the suns heat, is melting. Really, really fast. And when it's gone mankind's cradle is going to rapidly transition to mankind's Easy-Bake oven.

The culprit is excess CO2 in the atmosphere, a by-product of conspicuous consumerism, and there's no concrete plan in motion designed to stem the flood. If the entire world made a moon-shot effort and immediately invested all resources into transitioning to solar and wind power, plus reforested the Amazon, we could slow the process, maybe even reverse it, but that's not going to happen. It's too expensive, especially if it involves, Zeus help us, increasing taxes. Most of those who voted for Romney, including the CO2 magnates who backed his candidacy, would rather that you die. (When the world is a boiling cauldron presumably the rich will just install more powerful air conditioning.)

Make no mistake about, climate-change deniers are not just foolish tools of the fossil fuel industry, they have literally become a threat to life as we know it. The answer, strangely enough, is to change life as we know it. Now.


god's dawgMy latest 'toon created especially for the fine folks at friendlyatheist.com has been posted. By agreement it can only be viewed at their site so click here or the tiny teaser to your left
for the whole, blasphemous thing. And remember, every view is a vote for Raging Pencils.

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end rant

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My New Ultimate Goal In Life.
Reporter: Mr. Stanfill, at 127 years you're officially the oldest person on Earth. Can you tell us the secret of such a long life?
Lefty: Yep, I've never believed in god.
Lefty: See ya next year, bitches!