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The progressive cartoon about how chickens are slaughtered.
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Good for the Corporate Goose

Bizarro chickenIn case it wasn't clear, yes, today's 'toon describes how the U.S. poultry industry kills its chickens. The electric bath is supposed to render chickens immobile, though not insensate, which means they experience their grisly deaths while perfectly conscious. As a bonus, the struggling of the birds during handling results in the spread of feces and vomit, not to mention resulting in injury to workers.

In the U.S. that's seven billion chickens a year, and if the technique is good enough for animals it should be good enough for condemned human criminal scum, right?


(Technical note: The "37 seconds" mentioned in the 'toon is just an estimate, but twenty millon chickens are slaughtered every day over a period of 86,400 seconds. You do the math.)

If it makes you feel any better other countries, the UK in particular, employ a method called "controlled atmosphere killing", or CAK for killing its chickens. Before processing begins they're placed in chambers flooded with carbon dioxide and thus die painlessly. The result is a safer, more sanitary, and humane method of processing animals.

Does this cartoon give you pause for dietary consideration? I hope so, if for no other reason than to save water as it takes 300 gallons to produce one pound of chicken. (Beef requires 1900 gallons per pound.) This is valuable information, especially for people living in states like California which is estimated to have but one year of water left. NASA said so. Switching to a vegetarian diet could save 90% of the water otherwise allocated for meat production. And California raises a LOT of animals for the dinner table.

A final note: Chickens raised for processing are not protected by any federal law as they're considered no less a commodity than a lump of coal or a sack of potatoes, and no laws will be passed to change the current inhumane for obvious, lobbyist-related reasons. The only way to reduce these cruel slaughter practices is to eat less meat. You can do it.


Technical Note: I've had reports that some visitors are unable to access this site through the home page. From what I can tell an anti-virus program called Avast thinks a commom Refresh I use on the home page is a scammy function when, in reality, it's just the kludgy way I make my Comment sections work.


The obvious solution is to buy a Mac but for the rest of you poor, trojan-besotted bastards I suggest clicking here for instructions on fixing the problem.


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

"Proposal for new painless execution procedure."
Step One: Hang the condemned by their feet.
Step Two: Dunk them in an electrified bath.
Step Three: Slit their throats.
Step Four: Dunk again in scalding water.
Step Five: Gut them.
Elapsed time, 37 seconds.
If it works on chickens it’ll work on humans, too. Plus you get this festive burial urn.