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The progressive cartoon about Iran and Republican hypocrisy.
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Rants In The Pants

That Reagan. What a guy.

First he conspired with Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini to throw the U.S. presidential election for the Republicans in 1980 and then he comes back five years later to secretly funnel weapons into Iran to aid their war against Iraq. (For those who can't recall the resultant monies were used to illegally fund his nun-murdering contra buddies in Nicaragua.)

Bill Clinton was famously impeached for "Not having sex with that woman" but Reagan got away with "We didn't trade arms for hostages", which he so totally did. The reason the Democrats didn't impeach Mr. Reagan for for this obvious lie was because it would have made the Democratic Party look bad trying to impeach two Republican presidents in a row, especially one so cute, cuddly, and mentally-demented as Reagan. (Yes, Nixon wasn't technically impeached but he would have been had he not resigned.)

A lot of little fish spent time in the big house over this Iranian back-scratch but the bigger one's got presidential pardons from George H.W. Bush as he slunk out the back door of the White House.

So from here on every time you hear someone complain about Mr. Obama's handling of Iran just say smile and say "Iran-Contra".


A technical note: Occasionally I add an extra comic (no extra 'toon today, though) usually revealed when the mouse rolls over the main cartoon, but I'm altering it to require a mouse-click. The reason is simply because the rollover scheme made the 'toon harder to share, and sharing is what they're all about.


The Management.


end rant

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GOP elephant: I wish you would all get off the President's back! He should be allowed to make all the deals with Iran that he wants!
Me: Just out of curiosity, what year is this?
1985. I believe someone's trying to make a point.