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The three signs of cancer.

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The progressive cartoon about how smoking kills.
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The Right Snuff

smoking killsLast week on Reddit someone posited the intriguing notion "If someone would give you a million dollars for a year of your life, how many years would you sell?"

In my mind I immediately turned that around to "How much would you pay to add another year to your life?" After some contemplation a better question occurred to me: "How would you like a free $145,000 plus an ten extra years of your life?"

The answer is: Stop smoking.

A recent study indicates that smoking is not only responsible for a wide variety of serious ailments, including laryngeal cancer, but it also decreases one's lifespan by as much as ten years. As for the money, that's just math. Two packs a day at $5 a pack adds up to $145,000 over 40 years, and that doesn't even BEGIN to cover compound interest. You could buy a pretty decent house with that. Or you can rot your lungs. Your choice.

Last note: In the 8+ years of creating my little 'toons this is the first one about smoking. Without doubt it's the first comic in the history of the world whose punchline was "laryngeal cancer".


miracale-gro JesusAs some of you know I'm also creating Raging Pencils 'toons for the good folks at friendlyathesist.com. Number Four in a series of 666 posted today but you'll have to visit their site to see it. So click either the enticing red link above or the semi-artistic image to your left.

And thanks!


end rant

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Little Mermaid: Daddy won't let me smoke. Maybe Ursula can help me.
Ursula: Certainly, Angelfish, and all it'll cost you is... your voice.
Electronic larynx: As Neptune is my witness I had no idea she meant laryngeal cancer.