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The progressive cartoon about Jon Stewart leaving the Daily Show.
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I'll Be Hearing You

randi rhodesFor years I made certain to be in front of a browser from 2PM to 5PM, Monday through Friday, as that's when it was time for The Randi Rhodes Show, featuring the smartest, funniest, ballsiest woman on radio. She was my political muse and this comic is a direct result of her progressive wisdom. Unfortunately, for reasons that are still murky, she folded her pundit tent last May and headed for the verdant climes of Costa Rica, right before a big, fat, juicy Mid-Terms election flooded with Koch dark money funding imbecilic conservative candidates. (Exhibit A: Joni Ernst)

My heart was broken that May day, the same as it was broken today when Jon Stewart announced his imminent retirement from The Daily Show. He was the best at what he did but he's got money in the bank and a couple of kids he wants to watch grow, so the more power to him.

Still, including Stephen Colbert, that's three powerful progressive voices that will no longer have a daily soapbox to interpret the vagaries of the American political morass, especially the 2016 presidential election. Yes, we'll still have Rachel Maddow but she's an interlocutor, not a tummler like Stephen or Jon. Those men made the news accessible to people who wouldn't otherwise care. And we're gonna miss them more than we know.


miracale-gro JesusAs some of you know I'm also creating Raging Pencils 'toons for the good folks at friendlyathesist.com. Number Four in a series of 666 posted today but you'll have to visit their site to see it. So click either the enticing red link above or the semi-artistic image to your left.

And thanks!


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