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Big Circles

I recently celebrated a birthday and it occurred to me that, were I living on the planet Mercury, I might possibly live to reach a Methuselahn-like 400 years as it only takes 88 days for that planet to circle the sun. Hallmark Cards should snap up an opportunity to fund a colony there.

Conversely, any human colony on Pluto, a planet that requires 250 years to complete a solar orbit, would instantly suffer the solar system's worst infant mortality rate as no child, or adult for that matter, would live to see their first birthday.

While I'm waxing fantastical, I recently got to pondering the Star Trek-kian matter transporter. Something like that would revolutionize space travel as you could zap a large group of explorers into a data bank, shoot it off into deep space, and then have it rematerialize its cargo once the spacecraft reached its destination. No life-support required and, almost as important, no light-years-long interpersonal squabbles. And if the targeted planet didn't pan out then just redeploy back into memory and shove off in another direction.


Since I know you all have time on your hands I'd like to introduce you to Freeman's Mind, a most entertaining repurposing of the game, Half-Life. Creator Ross Scott plays the game from a uniquely entertaining first-person perspective and all 68 Youtube chapters (Yes, 68, and that's too damn few in my opinion!) are worth a look. The red link takes you to episode 45, which is one of his most popular, and for good reason. Enjoy!


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