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The progressive comic about the San Bernadino massacre.
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kill button There comes a time in almost all of our lives when something goes so wrong that we honestly wish another person were dead. And were we to own, via Constitutional fiat, a little red button that could instantly vaporize those who've earned our disfavor, we'd happily push it. No question. Especially if the dirty deed were anonymous. That's why this country doesn't experience even more gun-related mayhem than it does, because it's damned hard to get away with exterminating an inconvenient adversary unless you're the CIA or something.

This is why we shouldn't be asking why those people in San Bernadino were murdered but, instead, why do we make it so easy to kill? Almost anyone in this country can own the equivalent of the Little Red Button and, unfortunately, our society seems to breed people happy to disregard the consequences.

There is a solution to this problem, a simple one. Just agree to revise the Second Amendment in a way that allows only members of an organized state militia to own a gun. You know, just like it actually says, only in language clear enough that even a Supreme Court judge can understand it.


And to the gun afficianados out there, I leave this unattributed quote:

"To you, the deaths of these people are less important than your right to own a gun. Go ahead, say it out loud—'Those deaths are worth it to me.'"


end rant

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Big Ass News: Fourteen women were raped in San Bernadino, California yesterday. The National Rapist Association has said that now is not the time for rape control and that if more men had been allowed to rape then they would have raped the rapists before the rapists raped.
Now don't you feel safer already?