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Rant To Come

Could be about gun violence, could be about my receding pubic hairline. You just never know.

Concerning today's slaughter in San Bernadino you have to ask yourself "How can I protect myself from a lunatic with a gun?"

Well, you could learn to run really, really, really, really, really, REALLY fast. I mean like Flash fast. Although, come to think of it, if a race of people who could run faster than a bullet if the Flash fired a gun while running at top speed how fast would the bullet be travelling relative to Flash? Just how fast can Flash or Quicksilver run? Here's a bit of mathematical prestidigitation you might find amusing.

The alternative would be to bullterproof everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Even the cat. Girl-watching would, as a result, suck, as kevlar body armor only really looks good on anime combat fembots.

Or how about we simply revise the Second Amendment so that only those belonging to an organized state militia can keep a gun around the house, sort of exactly what the original says


end rant

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kid: For Winter solstice this year I want...
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Kid: Yes, a puppy from my local pet shelter.
The kid didn't ask for a kitten because Tattooine cats eat you whole and digest you for a thousand years.