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Christmas Against Humanity

The Stanfill Family Holiday Hullabaloo was this past Saturday. I know this sounds premature of us but my family is so overpopulated that the clan sanely decided years ago to gather the Saturday before Xmas so we can all return to our respective warrens afterwards and enjoy the big day in peace, far away from each other.

This year I brought along a chocolate/cherry pie-cake and a copy of Cards Against Humanity, both of which achieved customer satisfaction. Of course the big event, apart from watching the Cowboys humiliate themselves before a national audience, again, was the mammoth gift swap which is about as close to a religious ritual as we come. Inevitably, as I'm famously difficult to shop for, I tend to exit our annual jubilee with a fistful of knick-knacks and a brace of novelty t-shirts, usually something from the sale bin at Target. Over the years I've learned to be philosophical about it. My loss is always ebay's gain.

cthulhu puggy bankBut I didn't go home despondent as my dear nephew gifted me with a Cthulhu piggy bank. It's so cool it makes me wish that there was a denomination called the "soul" that I could stuff it with. France used to have the sou, before the euro took over, but close only counts in Hellfire missiles and hand grenades.


end rant

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