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guns vs. abortion
Guns vs. abortion.

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The progressive comic comparing guns to HIV.
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Guns Vs. HIV

The difference between a person with AIDS and a person with a gun is that one would kill you with love while the other would kill you with hate. And the thing they both have in common is that Republican legislators have no interest in controlling the problem. In fact, they thought HIV was hilarious back in 1980.

I don't mean to make light of this but there are 1.5 million Americans walking around with HIV and we, the hoi polloi, have no idea who they are. You might find that number a cause for concern but it pales in comparison to the 11.5 million Americans cruising the nations public places while armed to the teeth with people-killing machines tucked next to their heart or jostling around inside a purse.

Now which group should you be more concerned about?


recycling comicJinkies! It looks like I went and created another comic for the good folks at friendlyatheist.com. Every viewing will bring you that much closer to Armageddon. Just click the teaser thumbnail or the jolly red link above for fun-fun-fun!


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Righty: The answer to crime, buddy-boy, is that everyone should be armed.
Lefty: Isn't that the same as saying the answer to HIV is that everyone should be infected?
No, the answer is to get rid of all the HIV so that no one will be in danger of, uhhhh...