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The Gospel of Saint Flipper

My initial idea with this comic was of some poor, starving orphan stumbling upon a magic lamp, whereupon he wishes to be "smart, loved, and never have an empty belly again".

So the genie makes him a dolphin.

Douglas Adams' vision that humans aren't the most intelligent creatures on the planet seems to come into sharper focus with each passing day. All our aquatic pals seem to do is play and eat and screw while us ape-like creatures plod onward, finding new and better ways to make each other unhappy.

Imagine an entire species, one that's quite intelligent, that doesn't need cell phones or nose-hair trimmers or religious holidays... or borders and their constant companion, border wars. We think our cities and rockets make us superior to them but, in the end, cities crumble and rockets crash. The dolphins may go extinct if climate change alters the ocean ecology enough that they eventually starve, or we hunt them to oblivion, but it'll be us apes to blame, not them.


recycling comicWhile you await my words of wisdumb you might like to see my latest comic created for the good folks at friendlyatheist.com. Every viewing will bring you that much closer to Armageddon. Just click the teaser thumbnail or the jolly red link above.


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Dolphins: Humankind is despoiling the land and the sea.
But it's not too late to regain paradise, and we know the path.
Time and again we sacrifice ourselves to offer salvation.
So what say you this time, brother?
Man, the beach stinks today.