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You Have the Right To Remain Dead

This past Thanksgiving officer Patrick Feaster of the Paradise, California police department was involved in a very brief chase of a speeding car. It was brief because the car quickly hit a median and overturned, coming to rest on it's driver's side. As the officer reached the scene a man struggled to escape the car through the passenger window.

Officer Feaster rushes towards the man, who happens to be white, and shoots him in the neck, then casually reports back to headquarters that the man, whom he just shot, won't come out of his car.

A judge just declared this shooting accidental so no charges will be filed.

Watch the video below to see just how "accidental" this shooting was.

I don't usually share these types of stories but this one is shockingly egregious. It vividly points how since we're all now presumed to be armed the police have carte blanche to shoot whoever they want.

Fuck everything about this.


In the interest of SCIENCE! I should add that a recent study published in the National Academy of Sciences paints a dismal picture as it has determined that even restricting families to a Chinese-style 'one-child' approach would have minimal effect on short-term world population growth. This isn't to say we shouldn't TRY to reduce the population as we certainly intend to live on this planet at least a little while longer.


end rant

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What can I do to save our planet?
I'm glad you asked.
eat much less meat, drive an electric car, walk or bike or carpool to work, have fewer children, recycle vigorously,
plant a tree, buy locally-grown food, learn to compost, reduce water usage, dress warmly instead of turning up the thermostat, quit using plastic bags,
No, I mean realistically.
Can't someone ELSE save us? I mean, football is on.