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Supermassive White Asshole

Unless something REALLY weird happens in the comic months (and it probably will) it seems that Darnold Stump is our progressive target, so the gloves are off.

Yes, I'll color this 'toon later, as though that's important. Right now, I got to get down to the Texaco before it closes and finish my Xmas shopping


Addendum: I've been saying for some time that Trump's only purpose was to provide cover for an unusually pathetic group of Republican candidates, and to make the sorry sacks 'a shit seem more reasonable. That's why I wasn't suprised when, this morning, NPR news mentioned time and again that Ted Cruz was perfectly positioned to make a run against Trump.


Cruz at 12% in the polls while Trump's at 40%? That only makes sense if, yes, Trump drops out. And he will.

So there's your 2016 Republican presidential candidate... Ted Cruz. You heard it here first.

In case you're wondering, as awful as Trump is, he's being a dick for a reason. Cruz actually believes god planned him to be president. Seriously. I'd take the Donald in a heartbeat between the two of them.


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Researchers are nervously charting the path of a rogue star, the unstable remnant of a collapsed system. Though radiating a corrosive field of negative energy the object has somehow attracted a swarm of unstable satellites.
Though tagged "Trump2016" it is technically described as a supermassive white hole.
Correction: supermassive white asshole.
Donald Trump sucks.