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The progressive comic about selecting a new Speaker of the House.
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Too Many Kooks

I almost hate to put pixels to virtual paper regarding the selection process of the new speaker of the House of Representatives because you never know how much more batshit crazy this process will become.

(BTW, I should mention that today's cartoon is completely fictional as the U.S. Capitol doesn't allow firearms within its confines, though if the voices in your head are insistent enough feel free to walk a few blocks down the street and shoot up a schoolyard or two.)

The most personally amusing explanation I've heard of why the GOP has gone completely off the rails is because they eliminated the earmark system in 2010. It was ostensibly a cost-cutting measure but it was actually just a way to bleed services they didn't like.

Unfortunately, because Republican leadership can no longer bribe its members with free money for district purposes a they're free to vote as they choose.

No. Wrong. The reason Congress-watching has become so much fun nowadays is that treasonous scumbags like the Koch brothers funded and installed significantly large groups of flour-headed Congressman over the past several elections whose only qualification was that they hated black people.

(In case you didn't know, the Kochs, and other like them, have for years targeted small-district elections, one in which very little campaign money flowed. The conservative PAC modus operandi was then to simply wait until shortly before the elections and then dump millions into advertising for their chosen quislings. That, along with some impressive gerrymandering, is why Congress quit working in 2010.)

The accomplishments of these Tea Partians so far has been limited to mostly voting against Obamacare and, because they have the collective IQ's of gerbils, they cannot understand how their votes keep failing. Now they're pissed. They see their window of racist opportunity evaporating so they now want nothing less than a Speaker of the House who will literally put a noose around Mr. Obama's neck, all the while singing "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah"
. And I do mean literally. Small wonder Boehner walked, or tried to.

Think I'm exaggerating? Then look no further than partial-owner of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, who recently opined that what the Republican Party needs is a REAL black president. What that means is not a reasonable, intelligent man like Mr. Obama, but a dark-skinned figurehead who'll garner both the black and the white-liberal vote come election time and who would, as President, function as house-nigger exactly like Dubya, happily rubber-stamping any legislation the oligarchs deem most profitable for themselves. (Or contriving stories about choking on pretzels when he gets slapped around by his betters for occasionally exhibiting a conscience.)

The GOP will eventually arrive at a solution but Congress will still crash-and-burn all the way to the 2016 elections, dragging America along in its wake.


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GOP elephant inthe cloak room, to man who just shot several people.
Will you please keep the noise down! We're trying to elect a new leader.
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