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The progressive comic about the odds of being shot to death in America.
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In case you're curious, America averages about one fatal shark attack per year. Gun-related homicides average about 11,000 per year. So unless sharks are packing heat you're probably a lot better off in the water than out.

This 'toon is obviously having with a media that goes full-blown bozo over a very rare attack by a wild animal yet seems complacent when chimps with guns blaze away at grade schools. Or, spned just enough time on a story until the public gets bored and needs a new massacre.

Meanwhile, it's estimated that over 100,000,000 sharks  are killed/harvested every year, mostly for just their fins as they to sate a primitive medical belief among Asians that this simple mass of cartilage can cure any number of diseases, including cancer. It can't. So sharks are shorn of their vital fins and flippers and then chunked back into the water to starve to death. Nice.

Yes, there's still a lot of sharks out there policing the Big Blue but they're not industrial-bred chickens being bread by the billions to suit our jaded palates. One day all the sharks'll be gone and there be some kind of Jellyfish Apocalypse on this Earth. Mark my words, ya scamps!

So leave the sharks alone. Give them the occasional virgin sacrifice and let them be the magnificent beasts they are.


Yes, yes, I know. I should be opining about the Democratic "debate" last night, but what could I snark about besides Anderson Cooper's obvious methedrine addiction and whatever that wadding is that's been stufffed into Hillary's cheeks?

Oh, yes. This...

The fact that most of the online polls favored Bernie my a country mile yet somehow all the major media outlets gave the nod to Hillary. Now how could THAT happen? Hmmmm, I wonderrrrr.


end rant

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School: Shark crossing guard.
Kid, to mom: Don't worry about old Mr. Thompson, mom. He may eat me but, realistically I'm at least 10,000 times more likely to be shot to death.