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The Simple Life

I have a theory about why are the Republicans have become so inexplicably extreme. The only sane reason I can figure is because Charles and David Koch want to save the world from irreversible climate change.

No, hear me out.

It's clear that the petroleum industry would never relax its grip on the throats of the GOP so the only thing that could be done to save the planet was for oligarchs like the Koch brothers to get a large contingent of racist, woman-hating, half-wits elected to Congress who would inevitably cause the Republican Party to lose majorities in both the House and Senate. With the GOP out of the way the Democrats could then pass legislation ensuring vast technological leaps to save the planet from runaway greenhouse effect.

See? Simple.


end rant

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Scenes from the primordial soup:
Fred is visited by the paramecium of death
Death: Okay! Out of the gene pool!
FRed: Dang! So much for my novel.
" I should NEVER have touched that protozoan mousse."