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Devil's bargain.

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2014This is America, land of both religious freedom and freedom from religion. So if, as a Jew, you want to use the Hebrew calendar to date your checks, so be it. Same for the Chinese, the Hindus, and any Greek fundamentalist longing for the good old Julian days. That's why I, as a practicing heathen, have decided to ignore the current and bizarre method based on the supposed birth-date of a mythological bronze-age man and will instead start dating my checks using the year 13800002015 as that's how long ago the Big Bang occurred. Hallelujah!


ust a reminder: We lost the Western Black rhinoceros in 2013 and the Northern African White rhinoceros in 2014, plus we're currently down to a scant handful of Javan leopards, less than 250 adults at last count.

I heard a space researcher on the radio today saying we need to get started terraforming Mars, giving all of us sensitive, thoughtful humans an escape route should something dreadful happen to mankind's cradle. But if we can't take simple steps to protect this planet and all of our fellow creatures I'm not sure what kind of life that would be. At the very least it would make for one really dismal Ark mythology for our future Mars children if all we could offer is that we let Earth's creatures die while we were busy partying, waiting for the next killer asteroid.


saturday evening post.I
n case it wasn't readily apparent, today's 'toon was a riff of a famous Saturday Evening Post cover, rendered by the delightful J.C. Leyendecker. Swapping "Raging Pencils" for "Evening Post" was pretentious as hell but as long as I'm standing on the shoulders of giants I may as well go for the dunk. Click the image for a larger version..


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