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The progressive cartoon about the Keystone pipeline.
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NEWS FLASH: The cartoon is yet again late. I hope when it's revealed in all its splendor you'll find it in your heart to forgive my sloth. - Lefty


Hand Job

black gunkFunny how a person can go his entire life without realizing that Canada resembles a corpulent incubus hovering over our country, just waiting for the moment when our attention is distracted by collapsing buildings and muslims in the White House to pounce and drive its poisonous barb deep through the heart of our native land, fouling our aquifers as it snakes it way to the Gulf, finally spewing its corrosive load into a gulf already brimming with British Petroleum's sloppy seconds.

Man, I just can't stop laughing. Or crying. It's hard to tell these days.


I had a lot of alternate titles for this adult horror film: "Tar-Sands the Rape Man", "Drill, Baby, Drill!", "A River of Corruption Runs Through It", "The One Per-Cent Solution", "Enema of the States", "Black Narcissism". If you have one, please share.


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The USA getting drilled by Canada's big oily penis.
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