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The progressive cartoon about the real cost of cheap gas
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Shock to the System

electro-nooseDoes it seems suspicious to anyone else that just at the same time that certain corporate interests are trying desperately to curtail the surge in renewable energy we suddenly have all this puzzlingly cheap gasoline on virtually every street corner? If I was Scrooge McCrude knifing through my massive vault of petro-dollars like a bottle-nosed dolphin the very last thing I'd want is this unwieldy oversupply of crude oil. It currently costs suppliers more to pump the oil out of the ground than sell it. Are we seriously to believe that oil industry bean-counters didn't see this surplus coming? What's worse is that they've been in a blind panic to squeeze the all the black gold out of the ground, even going so far as to inject all manner of toxins into the earth in order to extract it. That's insensible on so many levels.

Whether I'm being overly cynical or not there's no doubt that wonders of technology like Tesla's cars are a threat to BP's, et al, bottom line. Short of bombing the Tesla factory the most prudent thing for the fossil giants to do is undercut the public desire for electric cars, and what better way that than supply gas that's half the price of milk.

But I'm just being paranoid, right?


I mentioned a week or two ago that I've been asked to supply a weekly 'toon for the splendid folks over at friendlyatheist.com. Well, the first one's finally up and I intend to keep an "every-Tuesday" schedule (Hah!). You can see the inaugural comic here.


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Today the Tesla electric car company, unable to compete with absurdly cheap gasoline prices, has declared bankruptcy. And in what I'm sure is a totally unrelated event, gas prices then increased to $10 a gallon.