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The progressive cartoon about open carry.
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Life Wish

staring down the barrelOpen carry. A primitive idea that a safer society is achieved if we all walk around visibly bristling with weaponry, up to but not limited by the kind usually found on the battlefield. Open carry is functionally nothing more than a middle finger to everyone else in a civilized world which, incidentally, defines 99.9999% of typical American life. This is not Somalia, where shooting someone for their food is a thing. This is America, where someone would give you his shirt and the back that goes with it if your metaphorical crop should happen to die. (The 1% excluded.)

Like it or not, no matter how Dirty Harry you think you are you simply cannot protect yourself from someone determined to shoot and kill you. The only way open carry can possibly work is if you're a telepath and can thus know exactly when the basket case behind you in line at the 7-11 decides he hates your after-shave and reaches for his waistband.

Open Carry is not about self-protection. It's clearly about using the Constitution to be a selfish, entitled bully. If its adherents really wanted a safer world they would demand fewer guns on the street, not more.


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The real message of open carry.
It's safer to shoot me from behind.