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Lego My Ego

legoPresident Barack Obama is the smartest human whose hiney has commanded the Big Chair in the White House in many, many years, and that includes the Big Dog himself, Bill Clinton. Who knew the Republican Party would go into full racist mode the moment he won the election?

And yet, Mr. Obama is not perfect. He makes mistakes. The biggest one was convincing himself that he could work with Republicans in Congress.

Stupid, stupid president.

However, if errors in judgment were Legos the President's accumulation would barely be enough to assemble a small toy car, minus the wheels, doors, frame, engine, airbags, and spare change under the back seat. The set for the Republicans, on the other hand, would be numerous enough to build a life-sized version of Sheldon Adelson perched on his mobility scooter, along with matching Swedish nurse and Filipino pool boy.

And that's why I don't lampoon the President, because the GOP gives me so much better material.


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