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Double Feature

jodorowsky's duneThis past weekend Beloved Girlfriend and I escaped the heat by watching a couple of cool movies both, coincidentally enough, with titles containing possessive nouns. It's unlikely you've heard of either of them. Spoiler alert: They both come highly recommended.

The first is titled Jodorowsky's Dune, a documentary of the first serious attempt to make a feature film of Frank Herbert's acclaimed sci-fi novel, Dune. Besides the book itself the title refers to Alejandro Jodorowsky, an avante garde actor/writer/director of mind-bending cult films like El Topo and The Holy Mountain. (Both to be found on youtube.)

The most intriguing part of the documentary is the group of actors and technicians Jodorowsky assembled for the production of the film. Prominent roles were to be filled by actors like Orson Welles and Gloria Swanson, plus pop culture icons Salvador Dali and Mick Jagger. On the technical side were artists H. R. Giger and Jean "Mobius" Giraud, animation legend Douglas Trumball, and Pink Floyd providing the music.

It was planned as a 14 hour epic and would have been either awesomely bad or truly legendary, but we'll never know for reasons I hope you'll explore for yourself. It's worth the trip.


tim's vermeerThe second film was called Tim's Vermeer, produced and directed by Penn & Teller, and its premise is simple and astonishing: A more-capable-than-average human with less-than-average art skills decides to create a painting in exactly the style of Johannes Vermeer. Specifically, The Music Lesson.

Vermeer's painting's are such wonders of light and detail experts have often pondered if he used optical devices to aid in their creation. In comes titular inventor Tim Jenison who believes he knows the secret to Vermeer's craft and proceeds to spend the rest of the movie proving it.

There are moments of invention in this documentary that will take your breath away though I have to admit to a slight sense of skepticism. If this is a grand practical joke (consider its provenance) it's a damned good one.


Attention iPad users: I've been told by Beloved Girlfriend that, while on this site using an iPad, if she rolls over the main cartoon image it will rollover to the alternate image but will not revert to the original image unless she Refreshes the page.

So the question is : If you're an iPad user, are you having the same issue as BG and, if you are, why didn't you say something?



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