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The comic about god making clothes for Adam and Evelyn.
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That's A Wrap.

woody allen and bette midler I swear on a stack of Metal Men comics I could draw cartoons based on this stupid biblical passage for a solid month and still not run out of ideas for another decade or so. I realize I should be riotously lampooning the morons of the GOP for absurdly trying to make an impeachable issue out of a POW's return home, or the way they're objecting to Mr. Obama's new C02 regulations by claiming pollution is good for our health but, you know, sometimes a cartoonist just has to skewer the local deity if for no other reason than to accumulate and enjoy all that sweet, sweet hate mail.

And, yes, before you say it, you may think I've gotten a tad stereotypical with the whole Jewish-caricature thing but, in my mind, this cartoon is really a movie titled "Scenes From A Garden", starring Woody Allen and Bette Midler, circa 1991. In that context, I don't think I'm too far outside the lines of racial propriety.


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And the LORD made clothing from animal skins for Adam and his wife. - Genesis 3:21

Adam: I can't wear this. My therapist is a strict Freudian.
Eve: This doesn't look like a size 4 to me, Bubbie. And has this been tested on animals? Hello?
God: Oy! Next time, no Jews.

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