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Bullshit Time

john boehner I think one way of decreasing the allure of gun ownership in this country would be to require all movie and TV programs which involve gunplay have the victim react as realistically as possible to a gunshot. (This, of course, does not include fanciful films like "The Matrix" where basically anything could happen.)

Firstly, believe it or not, people shot with even the mighty .357 Magnum aren't blown backwards off their feet and into the air from the impact off the slug, only to fall in graceful slow-motion to the ground. The amount of kinetic energy from the bullet is just too minimal to move a couple of hundred pounds of meat. Generally, you just fall straight down from the impact of a weapon like that.

Also, contrary to what Hollywood thinks, we're not blood-filled water balloons. Blood doesn't immediately spurt out unless an artery is hit, and then only in rhythm with the person's heartbeat. However, if someone gets shot there WILL be blood, so none of this bloodless-gunshot-wound crappola just to get a PG rating. Capiche?

And unless someone gets hit in a vital spot, like the brain stem, the victim is going to make a lot of noise before they die, not conveniently expire silently and stoically. Heck, they might even get up and run away, or even fight back. Adrenaline has that effect.

There's also the fragrant matter of a loss of bladder and bowel control when someone gets shot, so the scripts requiring the hero to don the dead man's clothes will require an additional level of verisimilitude.

As for getting the bullet out, I've read that it's not really that big of a deal to leave it in. What's more important is to stop the bleeding. Impromptu surgery on, say, a leg wound is only going to complicate the problem of escaping on foot.

Finally, let's all pledge to to keep an accurate count of bullets fired. No more of these silly ten-minute gun battles in which no one reloads.

When you think about it, filming gun battles realistically could add a whole new level of excitement... unless you're thirteen.

For certain, let's quit portraying guns as magic wands that trump good writing.


end rant

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