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Chicken-Hawk Joke

chicken hawkNearly every editorial cartoon I've seen in the past few days is having immense sport with the clueless, heartless lump of otherwise useful RNA that comprises one Mr. Richard Cheney. He slithered from office with a well-deserved fifteen percent approval rating in 2009 and has done nothing to improve upon it since, so unless he's stumping for the support of five-years-olds I have no idea who he's trying to kid by attempting to pass blame for possibly the single largest strategic mistake in human history onto the proud shoulders of President Obama. So screw Cheney and the fox he rode in on.

While I'm on the subject allow me to clarify a massive misconception regarding Iraq. Our invasion of that country was no "mistake", it was a carefully conceived plan, in the works for years before Dubya was awarded the presidency by the Supreme Court. In reality, it was nationally-sponsored murder designed to throw the Middle East into the kind of political chaos that will benefit the U.S. military-industrial-godzilla for decades to come. That's why the neocons on Fox News are frothing at the mouth to feed the literal flames in Iraq with another crop of hapless, teenage patriots ready to die for God and country because Boeing, Northrop, and Lockheed-Martin obviously have another yacht payment due.

So, let's not murder more innocent people and just say we did. Just to piss Cheney off.


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