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Screw Responsibly

bright ideaYou know the kind of stories I dislike? The kind that begin with "If I had a wish..."

Who cares if you have a wish? It's a fantasy, a fiction, a dream no different than the one where you're in your house, but it's not really your house, and everyone is wearing teal sweat pants and carrying the phone book... You know, those dreams.

That being said.

If I had one wish I would not waste it on switching our planet from a fossil fuel based energy system to one based on solar, wind, and other renewables.

You know why?

Because we can do it ourselves. Easily. All we need to do is tax the hell out of any and all oil and coal based products and use that money to construct a state-owned solar-and-wind based electrical energy system. Yeah, it'd hurt, for about four years but then we'd slowly notice a lot more electric cars on the roads, the air would be cleaner, and we'd stop fighting stupid, expensive resource wars. Best of all, we'd suddenly notice that we're not paying a fossil fuel tax any longer because we're not using that poison anymore, and we never would again.

We could do it.

And yet, there's still the matter of that one wish to consider. What to do with it? Hmmm. Oh, I know!

How about everyone across the entire planet would feel the burden that indiscriminate human reproduction places on our society and our planet's limited resources.


I'm not saying automatically limit everyone to one child, but the moment a father of a couple of kids starts getting sexy-time ideas in his head he should also see, in his mind's eye, the face of a child that is starving, or one that died of cholera. Same goes for the wife, though both would be off the hook if birth control is handy. Screw responsibly, that's my motto.

I know, it's just a dream but maybe, like the renewable energy system, we could fix this problem, too. All we need to do is try.


end rant

There's actually a perfect answer to overpopulation... alien invasion.

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