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how to steal guns
How to steal guns.

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The comic about why the GOP likes dead kids and hates gun control.
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Aw, Shoot!

armor Since the GOP won't do anything to protect our children from being murdered in cold blood by just plain old folks testing their Second Amendment rights here are some suggestions on how to effectively protect your kids:

(1) Encase them in full-body titanium armor whenver they leave their bedroom.

(2) Lock them inside fortified houses with bullet-proof windows. 24/7.

(3) Tunnel deep underground and live with the mole people.

(4) Hire Neo as a personal guard.

(5) Move to any industrialized country besides the United States.


I'm proud to say that if you go to Google and type in "how to steal guns" one of my cartoons is the first result, the same 'toon seen in today's Classic Crappola.


Today was primary day in Texas and turnout was, shall we say.... slight? I voted in the middle of the afternoon and I was only #37.

We obviously need to do something to entice people to do their civic duty and I think I have a few answers:

(1) Each state gets one new car for each congressional district. It's raffled off to a random voter in each district in every national election. In presidential elections someone will win a million dollars.

(2) Each time you vote in a national election you get 1.5% off your taxes. Play your cards right and by the time you're 60 your taxes could be 30% lower.

(3) If you're a federal employee you're required to vote. I think a reasonable penalty would be a loss of vacation pay. How about that?


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A Guide to Proper Infanticide
A primer for modern American Parents
You can feed kids poison birthday cakes,
Or line their cribs with coral snakes.
Send them off on shoddy carnival rides,
Or feed 'em to sharks at lowest tide.
Maybe trade them in a Faustian pact,
Or tie them to a streetcar track.
You can trade their toys for oven cleaner,
Or grind them into ballpark wieners.
Perhaps blend them into vichyssoise, (blender)
Or choose those who won't pass gun control laws. (GOP elephant)

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