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My Hero

bill ryanThis is Bill Ryan. He's a a 92-year-old WWII veteran, clinmate activist, and total bad-ass. He's been joining local protestors trying to halt a new coal mine which will wipe out part of the Leard State Forest in Eastern Australia. He says he's doing it for his grandchildren and for the future of mankind. I hope when I'm 92 I can still thinks in terms of the future, too.

Good on ya, Bill.


Why Costa Rica? Why not? Besides, it's ranked #2 in the world for environmental sustainability. Plus it has no standing army. All in all, a very civilized place.


end rant

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Mommmmmm. The Koch brothers are in my closet, Sheldon Adelson is under my bed, and Judge Scalia is leering in at me from the window. Can I move to Costa Rica?

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