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The comic about expanding Medicaid in Texas.
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barf-barf-barfI hope you all had a memorable April 1st. I tried to add some classic mischief to the internet mix but I'm still too fatigued by whatever nasty little bug has sublet my soul to Satan to create anything worthwhile, but there's always next year. If you're still somewhat disappointed you can revisit my April Fool's extravaganza
s for April 1st 2013 or April 1st 2011.

As for the cartoon, I'd like to remind everyone that the GOP is willing to let Americans suffer, go bankrupt, and die for just one overarching reason: racism. They think continually opposing the ACA will stain the administration of the first black President. That's all.



end rant

Here's a state-by-state projection of how many Americans will die this year because their state government did not expand Medicaid. Click image for larger version.
Medicaid body count

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it's sad that ten texans die needlessly every day just because Rick Perry won’t expand Medicaid, but we survivors must look at the bright side... the funeral business is doing GREAT!

(Maybe not as good as sending off our young to die in the desert for petrochemical companies but who's complaining?)

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