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Sick, Sick, Sick

sick as a dogThere is no small amount of irony drifting through the cat-hair festooned hallways of Casa Lefty this weekend as on Friday I didst sign up for ye olde Obamacare, and on Saturday I came down sick as ye olde dog, or cat. Yes, I got my flu shot last October but this is something new and special. I'm still beleaguered by this canine onus but not so much that I can't crank out a mediocre 'toon.

As for my ACA experience, being a freelance creative provider puts me in, shall we say, a modest enough income bracket that I got a honkin' huge tax break on health care. For me, at least, the system not only works but it's giving me a foot rub and filling in the big words in the New York Time crossword puzzle. In ink.


I created this cartoon while pondering the idea that we may never be able to ken the deeper, darker secrets of our physical universe because we may be genetically incapable of asking the right questions. To put it another way, if humans were only modestly less intelligent we would have been incapable of developing spears and flint knives much less internal combustion engines or the Waffle Taco.


A couple of Raging Pencils specific notes then I'm going to go get cozy with a Nyquil-and-avocado smoothie.

Friday's cartoon, the one featuring Jesus being mercilessly tickled by a T Rex, was almost universally reviled, which is strange because it made me laugh out loud. I will never understand you people. (Yes, I do. You're all a bunch of knee-jerk liberal weirdos.)

Secondarily, March of 2014 has established a high-water mark for Raging Pencils in terms of page-views. This is significant as it was a more-or-less normal month without any 'toons going absurdly viral so, thank you, esteemed readers for making my nipples hard enough to cut glass. Very soft glass.


end rant

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