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The comic about the 1000th Raging Pencils comic
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The First Kilocomic.

axe to grindAfter I created the first couple of dozen 'toons, way back in late '06 and early '07, I posted them to the 'net and largely forgot about them.

Then one day, in early '08, I checked my logs for the site and discovered my 'toons had gone semi-viral. I wasn't sure the world was ready for another political cartoon but it was clear that there was a ready market for it. Who needs sleep anyway?

So here I am, 975 or so Raging Pencils later, and I couldn't be prouder of what I've accomplished, but it would only be so much jerking-off if it wasn't for all the nice people who chose to spend a couple of minutes with Raging Pencils three times a week. So thank you, one an all, for raising me above the level of a simple drooling pervert to that of a drooling pervert with an axe to grind.

Oh, and one last Thank You: To Beloved Girlfriend, for acting as human handball court against whom I bounce crummy ideas, one after the other. I always know I'm on to something when the groans get loud enough over the phone to wake the cat.


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Today marks the 1000th Raging Pencils comic, and I'd like to say a little "Thank you!" to all of those who made it possible:
First, there's George W. Bush, who sat idly by while a million innocent Iraqis, the city of New Orleans, the middle class, and the Bill of Rights all died a ghastly, undeserved death. You won't get fooled again.
Next, there's the Supreme Court, which violated states' rights and awarded the Presidency to an emotional and mental cripple, because vote-counting is harrrrrrrd. Four liberals: Don't blame us.
Let's not forget Dick Cheney, who showed us how an entity of pure malevolence can manifest itself in the form of a creature without a heart. I'm hunting pwofits, heh-heh-heh-heh-heh,
Then there's George H.W. Bush, who happily abandoned all of his core social and economic principles in order to gain the 1980 VP nomination. I said "No nude axes".
Finally, there are the Iranian mullahs, who conspired with Ronald Reagan to sabotage the 1980 presidential election. Ronnie 1980
Thank you all for making it easy to despise anything with the delicate aroma of post-Kennedy conservatism.
Lastly, of course, my sincere thanks to the small army of fervent fans and ardent admirers who call this web site Home. To them i say: please don't hurt my family. Onward to the next thousand.

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